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Home Owner Tips


  • Change or clean furnace filters monthly. Clean dirt and dust from around the furnace. 
  • During the Fall have furnace or boiler serviced by a professional. During the Spring have A/C unit serviced by a professional.
  • Check gutters and downspout terminations to see where water is being deposited around your foundation. Extending downspouts away from your home can help the health of your foundation. Also make sure that the grading around your foundation is pitched away from the home to further direct water away from the foundation. There are many factors that can contribute to wet basements, thus home owners should try to control the water around their home as much as they can.
  • Consider terminating downspouts above ground to rain barrels. This is both great for the environment and a means to control water around your home. 
  • Clean dryer vents annually.


4 Stars Home Inspection serves the Chicagoland area. We offer pre-purchase inspections for buyers and pre-lising inspections for sellers. 


We are licensed, insured and accept credit cards. 4 Stars Home Inspection follows the ASHI Standards of Practice.